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Catch of the Day

Who is this guy?

Tommy is an anime otaku (wacko) geek who works ... nah ... lives at Wildstorm / D.C. Comics as the technology administrator of the La Jolla production studio. Among items on his bottomless plate that never empties are: writing and illustrating the upcoming new Speed Racer mini-series and other interesting little tales to be announced. He squanders what little free time he has playing video games and buying toys with his former game design colleagues at Presto Studios.

Does he have any freetime?

Barely. What few hours he has to himself have been usurped by a gamut of overseas corporations, application software developers, and yes ... even the U.S. Government. He's even had to put his poor comic Buster the Amazing Bear on the back burner.

Where the heck did he come from?

Umm ... to make a long story not-so-long ... the boy formerly known as TaeSun was born near Seoul, Korea in 1970. I immigrated to the American farm belt in 1971 where my father pursued multiple degrees in engineering. I spent my formative years wandering with my dad around ivy-laden university campuses. However, I was particularly enchanted by the laboratories at the University of Illinois at Chicago where my father worked on his doctoral dissertation. It was here I became convinced I wanted to become a scientist.

During my junior-high years I would frequently visit my father's research facility at Boeing Military Aircraft in Wichita, Kansas. I loved to mope around the plants which churned out the last of the B-52H bombers and avionic systems my father had been working on for other planes such as the B-1B bomber. I loved to sketch and build models of the aircraft, but boy ... did I look forward to becoming an engineer just like dad! (see a pattern here?)

Eventually I moved to California near Redondo Beach where my father was called upon by TRW Space & Defense to conduct research for space satellites such as Ronald Reagan's ill-fated Stategic Defense Initiative. I've stayed in this state ever since.

Though I was probably considered a very accomplished sketch artist and painter in high school, I pursued my original vision and entered UCLA to study electrical engineering in 1987, turning down admission even to Claremont's Harvey Mudd College of Engineering. I had a lot of extracurricular fun my freshman year, attending the sci-fi/anime club and pledging with the TKE fraternity. Then I joined the UCLA Daily Bruin as a part-time artist, and thus began the downfall of my engineering career.

I wish I could say more about myself ... but this is the best I could do for now ...

My Latest Updates - La Jolla, CA
Check out this page for last minute updates on my deeds and whereabouts.

My Paper Trail - Professional History
This listing on my projects page details my past workplaces.

My Other Home Page - Wildstorm Productions - La Jolla, CA
This is my "official" staff page which contains some additional information on my professional background.

s i l l y . l i t t l e . s t a t i s t i c s
    My Silly FaceDimensions
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Weight: 140 pounds
  • Waist: 29 (should be 28)
  • Dress size: 8 ... not too tightly
  • Blood type: B+

  • Personal
  • Zodiac (greco-roman): Taurus
  • Zodiac (chinese): Dog
  • Turn ons: Ride of the Valkyries, tall professional women with too little time for me
  • Turn offs: smoking, network television
  • Favorite drink: IBC cream soda

  • Professional
  • Education: 3 parts UCLA School of Engineering, 1 part ArtCenter College of Design
  • Choice computer: PowerMac G4, 20th Anniversary Mac
  • Choice software: Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Photoshop, ElectricImage, Macromedia FreeHand
  • Choice drawing pen: Staedtler MarsGraphic
  • Choice drawing surface: LetraMax premium bright white marker paper

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