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Cast of Characters
your guide to the people behind the shenanigans in Los Palos.

Robert Eugene Ramsey aka. 'Bob'
Graduate Student - Bioengineering
Age: 22

Found Buster separated from his mother outside the South California State Forest Reserve shortly after it was nearly consumed by a massive fire. His recent experimental foibles have caused him to be kicked out of the Institute of Defense Engineering & the Arts.
Byron Stone aka. 'Pyro'
Graduate Student - Chemical Engineering
Age: 23

A brilliant explosives expert who always has to watch over his buddy Bob.
Elaine Young
Graduate Student - Industrial Design
Age: 24

Bob's wealthy on-again-off-again girlfriend.
Liz Toshima aka. 'D-Wiz'
Undergraduate Student - Mechanical Engineering / Cybernetics
Age: 19

Estranged daughter of nobel laureate Dr. Jakob Toshima who is putting herself through school by working on defense contracts in her garage. She gets along really well with Bob, but they won't date. Go figure.
Devon Calloway
Graduate Student - Undeclared
Age: 24

Slick automobile afficionado who's trying to pick up on Elaine.
Sarah Hatch
Field Inspector - Environmental Hazard Agency
Age: 22

Byron's radical environmentalist friend.
Dr. Emerson Hatch
Senior Analyst - Environmental Hazard Agency
Age: 47

Nobody listens to this guy ... and all his warnings are usually accurate. Father of Sarah Hatch.
Dr. Harold Wong
Professor Emeritus - Industrial Design
Age: 41

One really dirty old man who pretty much fills the quota (and then some) for a politically-incorrect guy.
Dean Scaldwell
Dean of Science - Institute of Defense Engineering & the Arts.
Age: 54

Gives Bob a really hard time at Los Palos because he doesn't buy into his genetic research.
Kroton or MechaKroton
Giant Mutant Cockroach
Age: 2 weeks

This creature destroyed much of Los Palos and the U.S. Navy Stealth Carrier Fleet and we're supposed to feel sympathy for him!?
Elaine's Wardrobe
Liz's Wardrobe

Major General Armstrong aka. 'Major Biceps'
Head coach - Army Football Team, U.S. Military Academy at Westpoint
Age: 130

The oldest active officer remaining in service, Armstrong first served under Colonel Theodore Roosevelt in 1896 and narrowly graduated as second captain from Westpoint in 1903. His full-body prosthesis replaces what has been lost over the course of every major war in the 20th century.
Colonel Stephen Redmond
Chief Inspector - Los Palos Fire Battalion
Age: 68

Retired commanding officer of the Army Corps of Engineers who first served as a reknowned explosives specialist under Major General Armstrong in Vietnam. During his final tour of duty cleaning up after the Kuwaiti oil fires of the Persian Gulf War, he had saved the life of an emirate prince and hence, secured preposterous levels of funding for his new pet project: a large-scale testing facility in Los Palos for experimental military-grade fire combat equipment. He is Byron's maternal granduncle.
Commodore T. Cooper
Stealth Carrier Fleet Commander - U.S. Navy
Age: 56

Commanding officer of U.S. Military Testing Area 57 based on the San Clementi Islands off the coast of South California devoted to the advancement of stealth technologies. He has not yet forgiven Colonel Redmond for embarrassing his command in the Persian Gulf War when his bizarre rescue of an emirate-prince caused a political debacle.
Carla Morales
Senior Field Correspondent - Channel 3 Interactive, Los Palos News Network
Age: 26

The woman responsible for revealing to the world what a wacky town Los Palos really is.
Stephen Wygal
Station Manager - Channel 3 Interactive, Los Palos News Network
Age: 28

Carla's boss who perpetually (and desperately) toils to keep the station's broadcast license.
Dr. Friedreich von Mangula
Evil Genetic Engineer
Age: ???

A shadowy figure with enormous backing by a foundation known as PROCLIVE dedicated to a scientific approach to world domination. He is determined to capture two specimens: Buster and Kroton to research their hyperdeveloped physiology.

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