Buster the Baby Bear Buster the Amazing Bear®
A six-part mini-series
Story & Art by Tommy Yune

imagine the whole notion of being a widely-sought lab animal ... well, the story only gets worse from here for poor Buster. A freak laboratory accident turns this lovable baby bear into the most magnificent genetic hybrid of all time. However, the dark forces of genetic engineering are after him now!

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Buster 1 Buster #1 [27KB jpeg]
"Rude Awakening" [August 1993]
GOOD NEWS: Buster scores 2000 in chess!
BAD NEWS: See freak lab explosion toss Buster out a 13th-story window!
Buster 4 Buster #4 [43KB jpeg]
"Collateral Damage" [May 1994]
GOOD NEWS: Bob analyzes Buster's brain while the Navy comes to the rescue!
BAD NEWS: See MechaKroton wreck an aircraft carrier with a dozen flying fire trucks! Really.
Buster 2 Buster #2 [34KB jpeg]
"Unleashed" [October 1993]
GOOD NEWS: See Buster learn to fly a flaming plane!
BAD NEWS: Everyone else on the plane wants his unique brain! Bob gets kicked out of his lab!
Buster 5 Buster #5 [45KB jpeg]
"Armed Forces" [November 1994
GOOD NEWS: See Buster and Liz use cool military technology!
BAD NEWS: MechaKroton now features even bigger guns!
Buster 3 Buster #3 [44KB jpeg]
"Impact" [January 1994]
GOOD NEWS: See Buster land a flaming plane on Kroton the giant roach!
BAD NEWS: Kroton gets upset!
Buster 6 Buster #6 [40KB jpeg]
"Sundown" [August 1995]
GOOD NEWS: The Navy decides to save Los Palos by blowing it up with a Seismeister!
BAD NEWS: Buster and Liz are still in Los Palos!

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